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gadict dictionaries.

Document version.

gadict v0.6 built on 2015-10-13 from revision 4d006faa4adb.

About gadict.

gadict is a collection of en-ru dictionaries and some freely available English thesaurus.

Also project provide some useful information. Check the sitemap.

Project goals.

  • Create and maintain good quality EN-RU dictionaries.
  • Host some free dictionaries (to make them available to broad auditory).
  • Provide all data in most liberal restrictions (public domain).
  • Supply additional information about English language and tools for creating and maintaining dictionaries.

Target audience.

  • Regular users for using dictionaries and reading articles.
  • Dictionary develpers for checking dictionary building and maintaining techniques.

Project quality.

Currently dictionaries have very small size and less useful. You can see statistics on articles count.

I check spelling and translation of most words with old learning books and sometimes with free dictionaries.

But gadict-irregular-verbs-en-ru dictionary contain mostly all irregular verbs.

Project history.

Project born in 2009-06-28 as collection of irregular verbs which I learn.

It use inconvenient for editing Stardict TAB format. Later project switched to much verbose C5 dictfmt format.

Licensing, term of use.

Generally speak: all files released for free use without any restrictions and warranty.

See LICENSE file.

Reporting issue.

Just mail me <gavenkoa@gmail.com>.

Fill bug reports and suggestions in Trac instance by:


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